Almond is an ensemble of symbols that resonate with our mission and values:

… it is the purity and simplicity of the almond flower which represents well the approach and value of transparency or truth that we put in the relationship with our customers

… it is the combination of flexibility and rigor that we provide to our clients for the protection of their most precious assets

… it’s the ribbed look, the precise and clean lines that evoke precision and expertise

… it is the whiteness, the purity of the pruned almond

By choosing the name Almond, we wanted to bring together in a concentrated form all of those strong symbols to evoke our ability to accompany our customers in their transformation and the protection of what is dear to them while respecting our values!

Our values









Almond is part of the Hifield Group. At the end of 2019, the Hifield Group is creating two companies that bring together its different areas of expertise in the cybersecurity, managed services and cloud computing markets: Almond and Rampar.

The group continues its development in 2021, with the help of the investment fund Apax Partners, which takes a minority stake in the group to contribute to its future development in France and internationally. In January 2022, Hifield creates a new company that brings together the cybersecurity solution development activity initially developed by Almond’s security teams, Board of Cyber.

Hifield manages the cross-functional activities of all the companies in the group. Today, Hifield brings together 300 employees and generates €43M in revenue in 2020.

Our key figures


2021 Hifield turnover

2021 Almond turnover




The team

Michaël Briquet


Partner | Sales

Cécile Edy


Deputy Sales Director

Christophe Kiciak


Partner | Lead Offensive Security

Luc Delpha


Partner | Lead Governance, Risks & Compliance

Julien Steunou


Partner | Lead SOC CERT

Gabriel Leperlier


Partner | Governance, Risks & Compliance

Maxime Gardereau


Partner | Lead Digital & Technology

Arnaud Lebrun


Partner | Lead Infrastructure Security & Architecture & Digital Platform

Alexandre Faraino


Manager SOC CERT

Nicolas Guilloux


Nantes | Director

Alexis Capaccio


Strasbourg | Manager

Xavier Michaud


Lyon | Manager

Maud André


Communication Manager

Domitille Gueneau


HR Manager

Gaëlle Camensuli


Talent Acquisition Manager

Our clients

Our partners

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