Extortion and ransomware, data theft, disabling sensitive business: the level of cyber threat is very high for companies of all sizes and industries.

CWATCH services in brief

CWATCH Services are Almond’s managed SOC / CERT services based on Microsoft Azure Sentinel and Microsoft Defender technologies to anticipate, deploy active defense against ever-changing threats and information systems, and be there for you in the event of a major incident.

Why use Almond CWATCH SOC / CERT services?


> Threat anticipation

> Protect your information system

> Early monitoring and detection of attacks

> Incident handling to reduce the impact on your business

The CWATCH service offering

Anticipate and protect

> Anticipate the threats that concern you and prepare you

> Reduce the attack surface and vulnerabilities

Identified adversaries, prepared crisis management and good security posture

Detect attacks

> CWATCH SOC based on Azure Sentinel cloud SIEM

> Monitor and detect attacks at an early stage

> External monitoring and vigilance

Identify and break your adversaries’ operations as soon as possible

Responding to security incidents


> Respond to major security incidents and restore your operations in the best conditions

Investigate, contain & eradicate the threat and restore your operations

  • "Almond has been with us for 4 years with a comprehensive cyber defense solution, based on accessible and effective SOC managed services and CERT."
    D. Couderc, DSI
    Groupe Artémis - Financière Pinault

Principle architecture

CWATCH SOC / CERT managed services

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