Julien Steunou | Lead SOC CERT CWATCH


All companies, whatever their size and activity, are now regularly confronted with cyber-attacks and must be prepared, deploy an active defense, adapted to constantly evolving threats and information systems, and know who to count on in case of a major incident.

CWATCH SOC and CERT missions


Anticipate the threats that concern you and prepare yourself


Participate in the protection of your information system by reducing its attack surface and vulnerabilities


Monitor and detect attacks as early as possible


To be at your side in the response to security incidents in order to analyze, contain, eradicate and restore your operations in the best conditions

The team

The CWATCH team has been operating SOC and CERT services since 2016 with the objective of offering comprehensive, simple and accessible cyber defense managed services for SMBs and mid-sized companies. Designed from the start with the constraints and issues specific to these organizations, these services allow you to operate an effective cyber defense while saving a valuable resource: your teams’ time!

CWATCH experts also intervene in consulting mode, especially in large accounts, to support you in the research, implementation and operation of cyber defense solutions.

Need assistance on a security incident

Whether you are an Almond client or not, contact the CERT CWATCH
+33 (0) 1 83 75 36 94
(always preferred in case of emergency)

Almond is an authorized user of the CERT ™ mark:
Technological watch, continuous improvement of our methodologies
of incident response and knowledge sharing (IOC) between CERT ™.

Our expertise

CWATCH Mail Report

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