What is BitLocker?

BitLocker is a data protection solution integrated into the Windows operating system. This tool aims to ensure the confidentiality of data and reduce the risk in case of loss or theft of workstations.

What does BitLocker provide?

BitLocker provides physical access protection to information stored locally on workstation hard drives by providing the following security features:

> Encryption of the hard disk.

> Protection of access to the disk either by PIN code, or by a cryptographic key integrated into the workstation (TPM), or by external cryptographic key such as a USB key or smart card.

> Locking of the startup sequence in case of a modification detected on the hardware or on the BIOS.

> Centralized management of security requirements and policies for the entire computer fleet

Why is BitLocker an opportunity?

If you don’t have a workstation encryption solution yet, or if your current encryption solution is not satisfactory:

> BitLocker is integrated into the Windows system for free.

> Deployment and management of the tool is done on the existing AD infrastructure.

We can support you

Almond’s Infrastructure Security team has complete expertise in the service chain offered by Microsoft, from the workstation to the Azure Cloud, as well as in AD and Azure AD security issues.

Mastering BitLocker projects is part of our catalog of skills and we will be able to adapt to your context so that you can use the tool’s features in an optimized and secure way.

What are the Bitlocker integration methods?

Deployment and control
by local policy

> Deploying encryption policies

> Enabling Encryption

> Recovery keys on AD controller or portal provided

Deployment and control
by dedicated solution

> Deploying encryption policies

> Enabling Encryption

> Recovery keys on an SCCM administration portal

> Compliance check with SCCM

In the cloud
Deployment and control
by Intune policy

> Deploying encryption policies

> Enabling Encryption

> Recovery keys on Azure AD

What services do we provide?

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