Microsoft 365: a rich and complex offer

The Microsoft 365 suite of collaborative tools is part of a complex ecosystem, functionally very rich and whose security level is difficult to control perfectly.

Securing your Microsoft 365 tenant: why start with an audit?

Whether it is following a migration or after several years of use, strengthening the security of Microsoft 365 tools requires a phase of analysis of the company’s uses, completed by an exhaustive review of the configurations.

A technical configuration audit focusing on security will enable you to identify your strengths and areas for improvement to protect against various threats, such as identity theft or phishing.

What is the scope of the audit?

Why choose us to support you?

Almond’s Infrastructure Security team has complete expertise in the service chain offered by Microsoft.

Thanks to the development of a list of 170 control points integrating the ORCA tool endorsed by Microsoft, the audit proposed by Almond is complete, pragmatic and accessible. Almond offers a customized approach that includes a meeting with the IT administration team to understand your company’s specific practices and challenges.

The audit deliverables are directly usable by your teams to initiate remediation actions that will ensure an appropriate level of security.

What is our audit process?

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