Arnaud Lebrun

Senior Manager | Lead Infrastructure Security

In today’s world, securing information assets has become a major challenge for companies. The attack surfaces are declined on as many facets as there are uses and technologies, and the attackers are extremely active, as the multiplication of the security incidents shows it every day.
Securing IT infrastructures requires proven expertise in the design and configuration phases of service architectures, as well as in the way they are operated.
Hardening, authentication, identity security, cloud usage, segmentation, redundant infrastructure, access control, endpoint security, … are all topics that Almond can help you with.

What we do

Through our consulting services, our commitment is to provide our customers with personalized answers to their security issues. These services cover a wide range of needs, from solution studies to implementation support, from security architecture audits to architecture consulting, to expert missions on complex subjects.
Our technical approach and our experience allow us to conduct a complete reflection on the security issues to be addressed according to the customer context:
  • Cloud, on premise or hybrid infrastructure security (firewalls, WAF, VPN)
  • Identity and access management (IAM, MFA)
  • Workstation security, including mobility (encryption, conditional access, EDR)
  • Data security (DLP, CASB)

The team

The team is made up of consultants who are specialists in their fields, with recognized certifications in the market (CISSP, Microsoft Azure and O365, AWS, CheckPoint, Fortinet, F5, Proofpoint…).
Passionate about their job, the consultants are keen to share their knowledge and experience with the whole team, to enable everyone to increase their skills.

What makes the difference

Choosing Almond for technical infrastructure security missions means guaranteeing:
  • The technical quality of the expected results thanks to complete and agnostic analyses, enriched by the firm’s experience
  • The good control of the missions from beginning to end by the practice of the consulting profession as well as the cohesion of the Almond team
  • A deeply human knowledge of our consultants which reflects the values of the firm and its proximity management

Our expertise

Technical audit of Microsoft 365 security

Windows desktop security: Desktop encryption with Microsoft BitLocker

Windows workstation security: management of local administration accounts on workstations with Microsoft LAPS

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