Referred as an assessment provider by SWIFT, Almond supports you in your SWIFT CSP compliance.

A structured approach to address your challenges related to the SWIFT CSP program:

> Understand your existing situation and define a remediation plan to achieve compliance

> Assist you in the follow-up and implementation of remediation actions

> Independently assess you and prepare the attestation to SWIFT

> Build a sustainable compliance management framework that is finely tuned to your security objectives

Our offer

Be compliant…

> Review of the existing situation: services and architectures in place, results of previous assessments, actions in progress

> Identification of residual gaps

> Update of your compliance level

> Formalization of a remediation plan containing the actions to be taken before the assessment

> Assistance in the follow-up of remediations and/or their implementation

…to be assessed…

> Scoping: review of the architecture type and scope and validation of applicable requirements

> Full assessment of the implementation of the CSCF requirements: document analysis, interviews, site visits, process observation, configuration inspection

> Delivery of an audit report

> Preparation of the certificate for SWIFT

…before optimizing

> Compliance management in connection with your other obligations and SSI initiatives: capitalization on your governance and SSI processes in a multi-repository approach to promote rationality and facilitate the daily work of your teams, support for the implementation of an evidence repository, continuous pre-assessment of critical evidence

> Assistance in managing compliance maintenance

The benefits


Benefit from an independent evaluation by experts


Meet compliance obligations on time


Control the cost of CSP compliance

Our value proposition


Pedagogy and awareness


Efficiency and pragmatism


Trusted partnership

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