An approach that enables you to identify risks in your ecosystem and improve the security of your information system beyond what you directly control.

An analytical approach to meet the following challenges:

> How to map and control your ecosystem (Cloud, SAAS, flows, …)

> What is the current security level of your service providers? Of your subsidiaries?

> What are your critical vulnerabilities? Where are the weak links?

> What actions should be taken in priority to strengthen your security / that of your ecosystem?

> How to measure the effectiveness of the implementation of action plans?

Our offer


> Mapping of your organization’s ecosystem and your third parties (suppliers, subcontractors, subsidiaries and participations) based on pragmatic methodologies opening the way to monitoring and controlling the associated risks.

> The finesse and depth of the mapping will be adjusted according to its intended use (i.e. long-term monitoring of internal suppliers vs. mapping of a target for a one-time assessment).

Auditing and evaluating

> Control of the security level on the study perimeter thanks to functional and technical audits integrating security maturity, compliance with a reference system, and a study of cyber risks. These audits can also cover physical and environmental security, architectures and configurations.

> Conducting security assessments of your organization or a third party based on automated tests performed by our Security Rating solution.

Tracking and monitoring

> Supervision of third-party risks over time

> Proposal of quick wins and more complex measures to the client at the end of the audits

> Support for the change induced by the application of audit recommendations

> Follow-up of the action plan and re-evaluation of the cybersecurity maturity score using the Security Rating tool

> Collection and analysis of evidence

The benefits


Industrialize your security assessments


Control your risks, your compliance and your security


Generate operational and financial gains

Our value proposition


Support for multiple audit frameworks.


Modular and customizable tooling including evidence collection


Post-audit follow-up & service center supervision

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