What lessons can you learn from the health crisis to strengthen your BCP?

What solutions can the Cloud provide?

An approach to meet your challenges:

> Be better prepared for crises that may affect your company and its ecosystem

> Adapt your practices to collaborate effectively in a telework situation

> Maintain a high level of cybersecurity in all circumstances

> Take advantage of the opportunities linked to Cloud solutions to digitalize your processes

Our offer

Assessing the COVID-19 health crisis

> Evaluate the impacts of the health crisis

> Capitalize on the lessons learned from this exceptional situation

> Identify new uses and needs (telecommuting, employee unavailability, etc.)

Strengthen your Business Continuity Plan

> Adapt the risk analysis and the Business Impact Assessment (BIA) to the specificities of a health crisis

> Develop a plan to reinforce the continuity and recovery mechanisms

> Test these new systems

Take advantage of the Cloud lever

> Assess eligibility for a Cloud transformation and the associated opportunities

> Propose Cloud architecture solutions adapted to your challenges and resources

> Digitize your business processes (RPA, BPM, etc.) and secure your collaborative uses (Teams, Slack, etc.)

The benefits


Learning from the crisis to prepare for the future


Adapting resources to new forms of crisis


Implementing technological resilience by design

Our value proposition


Recognized expertise in cybersecurity


More than 15 years of BCP and crisis management auditing and consulting


An operational vision of cloud transformation

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