A proven approach to comply with the Network and Information Security Directive (NIS).

An analytical approach and long-term support to meet the following challenges:

> How to secure your critical perimeter?

> How do you secure your critical perimeter?

> Which solutions are aligned with your needs and NIS security rules?

> How to maintain your level of compliance over time?

Our offer

At the beginning…

> Assistance in appointing a correspondent with the ANSSI

> Risk analysis enabling to delimit your Essential Information System and declaration of the EIS

> Mapping of your EIS

> Implementation of a process for handling alerts and reporting significant incidents to the ANSSI


> Development of a roadmap including a gap analysis on the 23 security rules, the application deadlines and the measures costs of implementation

> Animation of the roadmap by a managed services offer: update of your security policies and procedures, deployment of an awareness program, organization of the incident response, certification of your EIS, etc.

…and maintenance

> Support for the operator’s NIS compliance over the first three years, depending on the application deadlines

> Taking into account the evolution of the EIS

> Maintenance of the compliance on the perimeter from the third year

> Implementation of regular compliance checkpoints and an associated dashboard

The benefits


Turn compliance into a lever for improving the ISS


Achieving compliance objectives on time


Optimize costs and avoid penalties

Our value proposition


Detailed understanding of your critical systems


Cybersecurity service offering aligned with NIS requirements


Monitoring and maintaining compliance

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