Control your risks by developing your governance, organization and practices around Microsoft Teams.

A global approach to address the following issues:

> What new risks does the use of the Teams collaborative hub generate?

> How to adapt security policies to the use of Teams?

> What are the best practices to adopt to secure the use of Teams?

> How to transform the user into a key actor of the security?

Our offer


> Understand the organization, the activities and the regulatory context in which you use the Microsoft Teams collaborative hub.

> Identify the gaps between your security requirements, your policies and your uses of Teams.

Governance & organization

> Establish a security action plan adapted to your organization and the regulations that apply.

> Define security policies that converge your challenges and the specificities of Teams (administration, access management, data protection, etc.).

> Control the opening of your information system to your customers and partners through Teams.


> Raise awareness and support users in the evolution of practices to place them at the heart of the Teams security process.

> Write usage charters for the Office 365 collaborative hub for your employees and third parties.

The benefits


Have a customized security plan


Make Teams a lever for improving your cybersecurity


Make the user a strong link in cloud security

Our value proposition


Governance and cybersecurity organization


Awareness and change management


Support in monitoring and implementing the action plan

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