Support your organization and your teams in dealing with security incidents and cyber crises (IS unavailability, loss of data confidentiality, etc.)

> By structuring the organization of incident and crisis management

> By preparing your teams to face them

> By reacting alongside you in times of crisis

Our offer


> Analyze risks to define priority cyber crisis scenarios.

> Evaluate existing incident and crisis processes and the consistency of the processes between them.

> Structure the incident and crisis management process.

> Write the incident and/or crisis management plans.

> Write the personal data breach management plan.

> Structure the crisis communication strategy.


> Conduct customized and scalable crisis management exercises for all business functions:

  • Customized scenarios based on your priorities and your environment
  • Exercise methods adapted to your maturity: assisted tabletop exercise, crisis simulation with stimuli, etc.
  • Objectives chosen in advance to identify strengths and areas for improvement
  • Hot and cold feedback

> Carry out awareness sessions to understand the management of security incidents and/or crisis management.

> Carry out training sessions on incident management within the IT department; and/or on crisis management (top management, DPO, CISO, etc.).


> Analyze, contain, eradicate and restore your operations in the best conditions with the CERT CWATCH team:

  • Response to a major Forensic incident
  • Malware reverse engineering
  • Research of compromises
  • Implementation and operation of dedicated internal CSIRTs

> Support the field teams and the top management in crisis management:

  • Advice on organizational actions to be deployed
  • Support in defining the crisis communication strategy and proposing the drafting of messages

The benefits


Validate the requirements of crisis management standards (ISO 27001, GDPR, PCI DSS…)


Prepare stakeholders to manage incidents and crises in an organized and not improvised way


Create a real operational process for incident and crisis management

Our value proposition


Animated sessions with change management and gamification techniques to promote skill development


An approach that emphasizes efficiency and pragmatism in processes and procedures


Internal experts: technical, information security, crisis management and data protection

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