We support you in the implementation and improvement of

your ISO 27001 ISMS

> By taking into account your strategic issues and objectives

> By assessing your existing security and governance

>By defining the scope of the ISMS and the roadmap

> By supporting your teams in managing change

> “We were surrounded by very competent people both for the training support, for the implementation of our ISMS and also for the audit part” <

Bruno Meneuvrier – Aviti

The benefits


Have a personalized and pragmatic roadmap


Achieve your goals on time


Master your ISMS

Our offer

Your roadmap

> Identify your business, your challenges, your objectives and the needs of your stakeholders

> Identify the scope of your future ISMS

> Analyze business risks to define the efficient measures to be planned to address them

>Analyze the gaps in your existing system in relation to the standard

> Determine the compliance plan with associated responsibilities and resources

Build the ISMS

> Support your company and your teams in the management of change

> Make your teams aware of how the ISMS works

> Lead the implementation of the compliance plan

> Define and implement the monitoring and control of your ISMS

> Strengthen ISMS teams through our ISMS offers: compliance of your document collection, incident response, crisis simulation, etc.

And continuously improve it

> Support your CISO and his teams in their roles within the certified ISMS

> Audit the ISMS regularly: governance, practices and controls

> Raise awareness among your teams: through the application of your program and/or the use of our BYCE product

> Continuously maintain the training of your ISMS actors through an adapted formula ranging from ISMS coaching to certification training