An approach adapted to industrial information systems to help you identify industrial cybersecurity issues and propose a specific action plan to protect the functions, processes or data used to operate the industrial system.

An simple approach to meet the following challenges:

> What are the main attack vectors on your industrial information system?

> Are your equipments sufficiently protected?

> Does your organization correctly integrate industrial cybersecurity issues?

> How to organize the security of your industrial information system?

Our offer

Know your system

> Identify your industrial information system as a whole, evaluate it and carry out an adapted audit.

> Collect information and evidence of the organizational and technical means ensuring the security of the industrial information system.

> Define the risks in order to integrate them into the action plan.

Build an action plan

> Define an action plan adapted to your industrial context according to the information collected during the audit.

> Establish this action plan chronologically, according to short, medium or long term actions.


> Support your organization and your stakeholders in the process of securing the industrial system in its entirety.

The benefits


Have a personalized and pragmatic action plan


Spread the actions over time in a relevant way


Control your industrial information system and improve its security

Our value proposition


Audit workshop usually on one day


Mobilization of relevant actors


Action plan spread over time

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