You have initiated GDPR compliance actions internally or through service providers and now want to estimate where you stand in terms of compliance and risk? The GDPR assessment enables you to evaluate your GDPR compliance maturity level and to reorient your action plan simply and quickly.

Our offer

€1500 Self assessment

With Almond’s Security Rating tool:

> A status report by answering a 30-question GDPR evaluation questionnaire, with Almond’s Security Rating tool which enables you to measure, through the production of a score, your company’s cybersecurity posture.

> The result of your maturity level via a score by theme and sub-theme.

> An exportable prioritized action plan presenting your current risk level that can be updated as you progress.

€3000 Maturity audit

> In addition to the self-assessment questionnaire and the use of the Security Rating, two 3-hour interviews with your key contacts will enable the auditors to challenge and deepen the answers, complete the audit with 60 to 150 control points depending on your level of maturity and complete the evidence associated with the control points.

> At the end of the interviews and the documentary analysis, an assessment reportpresents the observations, the compliance findings, the identified risks, the recommendations and the evidence register. Each requirement of the audit standard will be assessed for compliance and the associated risk level.

Themes covered

Project management
Mapping and registry
Conservation period
Informations (mentions)
Individual rights and consent
Transfer outside the EU
Awareness and training
Third Party Compliance / Third Party Audit
Data Breach
Privacy by design

The benefits


An objective assessment of your situation and the path still ahead with an update of the score for one year


Prioritized and operational actions with a short, medium and long term project vision


A transfer of skills and tools allowing you to re-evaluate your maturity in complete autonomy

Our value proposition


Multiple and complementary expertises: legal experts in data protection, engineers experts in cybersecurity


Tools and approaches proven by our consultants and auditors for many years


A transfer of skills and tools allowing you to re-evaluate your maturity in complete autonomy

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