An approach that enables you to quickly reduce the main IT risks.

An analytical approach to meet the following challenges:

> What are the main IT risks to which my business is exposed?

> What actions should be taken to reduce the risks?

> How to organize IT security in my organization?

> Which internal and external actors can handle these actions?

Our offer

Best security practices

> Cybersecurity assessment based on recognized standards (National Agency for Information Systems Security)

> Identification of the main risks based on the findings, for example:

  • Ransomware leading to a stop of the activity,
  • Phishing enabling massive data extraction
Action plan

> Identification of the organization’s security improvement points

> Identification of concrete short and medium term actions enabling the organization to reduce its IT risks

> Identification of internal and external actors enabling the organization to increase its security skills in order to implement the action plan

Security level

> The identification of your main risks and an action plan will allow you to have a view on:

    • your current security level
    • in the short term
    • in the medium term

> We also propose to include in your security level referentials such as ISO27001 or the GDPR.

The benefits


Identify your main IT risks


Have a short and medium term action plan


Improve the level of security

Our value proposition


Pragmatic action plan close to the operational teams


Adaptation to a wide range of contexts and sectors of activity


(Option) Support for multiple standards such as ISO27001, GDPR…

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