We consider that security assessment must fit the challenges of your IT security based on your organization activities

An simple approach to meet the following challenges:

> What are your essential IT assets?

> What risks level for your core business?

> Are your IT assets sufficiently protected against current attacks?

> What actions should you take as a priority?

> How to use cyber risks in IT decisions?

Our offer

Identify the challenges

> Understand your business, your services, activities, etc. to identify the Information Systems tools that are essential to your organization’s processes.

> Assess and evaluate the security needs of your Information Systems in relation to your business challenges.

> Identify security incidents that already occurred and consider remediation costs.

Analyze the risks

> Map the main security risks for information Systems core elements against 3 security criteria: Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability.

> Assess risk level based on active security controls and upcoming ones.

> Identify security actions to act on the most important risks.


> Share our outcomes and allow you to understand the cybersecurity issues.

> Establish and share a pragmatic action plan that can be quickly implemented.

> Formalize everything in a diagnostic report allowing you to keep a comparable reference trace.

The benefits


One vision of your cybersecurity risks


One risk-based steering tool


One action plan based on your security risks

Our value proposition


A pragmatic and operational IS security based on relevant standards


Our expertise to initiate your cybersecurity


Our support to follow-up your action plan

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