Test your organization and prepare your teams to deal with a cyber crisis.

> Cyber attacks target all businesses and can create major crises that the best-prepared will survive and turn into opportunities to demonstrate their resilience.

> How will you mitigate the impact and manage the situation when you are hit?

> Are your decision/command chains and operational staff ready to deal with a real attack?

Our offer

Prepare the cyber crisis exercise

> Select the methods to be used according to your maturity level: type of exercise (tabletop, simulated with stimuli, etc.), timing and intensity, elements to be tested (alert, management, exit, etc.)

> Determine the objectives to be tested during the exercise in order to evaluate the strong points and areas for improvement (communication, legal requirements, documentation, organization of the crisis unit, etc.)

> Create a customized scenario, according to your priorities, your environment, your feedback… The exercise must be realistic!

> Develop the scenario with our crisis management experts and our CERT Almond experts

> Prepare the tools: timeline, stimuli, animation support…

Conduct the cyber crisis exercise

> Make participants aware of cyber crisis management before the crisis exercise to ensure their level of knowledge and their involvement in the exercise.

> Gamify & mobilize: put the participants in favourable conditions thanks to ice breakers.

> Facilitate the exercise to put the players in a situation, respect the timeline prepared beforehand and execute the prepared stimuli (phone calls, emails, video, tweet…)

> Observe the players by focusing on the objectives of the exercise. The observer will note observations in terms of organization (logistics, communication, use of tools, etc.), processes (alerts, decisions made, people in charge, etc.), and behaviors (dominant, absent, anticipatory, etc.).

Analyze and improve

> Consolidate hot and cold feedback from the participants (questionnaire).

> Write a report presenting the strong points of the crisis management and the areas for improvement.

> Formalize concrete technical and organizational actions to increase cyber resilience.

> Present proposals to increase the complexity of future crisis exercises. The crisis exercises must be part of a global approach to capitalize on and progressively learn from all aspects of crisis management.

The benefits


Assess communication between internal stakeholders and external stakeholders in a cyber crisis context


Define the roles and responsibilities of each Stakeholders (CISO, IT teams, CERT, Top Management)


Assess the adequacy of existing processes and procedures in a cyber crisis environment


Identify the actions that impact the organization (Who can disconnect a business application? What are the criteria? How to proceed?)

Our value proposition


Animated sessions with change management and gamification techniques to promote skills development


Customized exercises tailored to your specific needs


Internal experts: technical, information security, crisis management and data protection

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