Almond’s FinOps approach allows you to control your Cloud costs by maximizing the performance of your IS.

An analytical approach to meet the following challenges:

> What are the main expense items?

> Are the costs in line with market prices?

> What are the possible areas for optimization and negotiation?

> How to fully exploit the Public Cloud model and perpetuate the FinOps approach?

Our offer

Inventory of expenditure

> Analysis of contracts, service catalogs and invoices

> Presentation of overall consumption, by service, resource, project, subscription and Top 5 cost centers

Assessment & Benchmarking

> Benchmark based on Rampar repositories: hosting, VMs, storage, licenses, outsourcing

> Identification of financial anomalies in terms of governance (naming rules, location of resources, tagging, rights management, etc.) and operational (VM to reserve, to resize, unused resources, architecture to optimize, services to downgrade, automation, etc.)

Optimizations & Action plan

> Identification of optimization levers and avenues for negotiation

> Formalization of recommendations and actions to be taken

> Qualification of the effort to be made and the benefits of each recommendation

> Establishment of FinOps governance, definition and monitoring of KPIs

The benefits


Control your current expenses


Identify your financial anomalies


Have immediate optimization levers and long-term use of the Public Cloud model

Our value proposition


Cloud governance


Optimization of Cloud architectures


Financial modeling & IT benchmarking

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