Arnaud Lebrun

Senior Manager | Lead Architecture & Digital Platform

Designing, operating and evolving the architecture of its information system is the first necessity for all IT departments. The new uses induced by the cloud and the digital transformation require today to adapt the historical architecture and infrastructure models.
Our team supports our clients in these evolutions, from the upstream design phases to the monitoring of operation in optimal conditions.

What we do


Corporate & User Connectivity
  • Technical architecture design: state of the art, solution studies, LAN and WAN architecture design…
  • Network & Telecom technical expertise: audits, transformation project management, LAN, WAN, SD-WAN, Wifi…
Datacenter architecture
  • On premise datacenter: LAN DC Nexus technologies
  • Infrastructure services in the cloud

Digital Platform

Cloud Computing
  • Cloud expertise and architecture: IaaS, PaaS, container, automation and serverless
  • DevOps expertise: CI/CD, infrastructure as code
  • Agile organization
Ops Automation
  • Operations automation and capacity planning
  • Complex engineering: N2/N3 support on customer environments, architecture issue management

The team

All of us have a specific expertise in the world of infrastructure and are committed to customer satisfaction. Our strength lies in our ability to mobilize a team in order to respond to the complex problems that our customers may encounter.

Our approach

Our expert Cloud and Infrastructure consultants assist our clients in the design and integration of their architectures as well as the implementation and monitoring of new operational models.
In an ever-changing technology ecosystem, our team helps you accelerate the deployment of innovative solutions while ensuring a state-of-the-art infrastructure for scalability, availability and security.
Whether you are an SME, an MSE or a large enterprise, our consultants will bring you their skills and efficiency.

Our latest Business Cases

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